RZR Mini Series Bad Econ Job Search Help Show 2: Megan Enloe

Jeff Roney from RoneyZone Radio asked me to sit down and discuss our current employment situation and the ways new media can be used to communicate and connect.

“This series started as an attempt to help people who;
are worried about losing their jobs,
have lost their jobs,
or are struggling in general during this economic crisis.” – www.roneyzone.com

Jeff is setting a good example. He saw people around him losing jobs right and left. He asked himself; what can I do to help? Since he is a podcaster and an interviewer, the answer was to do a series on the economy and job loss.

I’ve been saying that the first rule of New Media is to BE HELPFUL!

Jeff is being a good member of the new media community by using his skills to be helpful and provide an additional avenue for discussion.

You can find my interview with Jeff here and the begining of the series here.

Down and Out in the “OC”

For years a sweet older gentleman has been going through our condominiums trash dumpsters looking for recyclables. I used to see him there about once a week. We exchange polite pleasantries but I never learned a second language so the conversation stopped there. He is a sweet old man just trying to get by in this world. Whenever I saw him I would run back to the house and grab whatever cans and bottles we had saved since the last time I saw him.

A few months ago I noticed more, usually older gentlemen, going through the trash. They also started stopping by with much more frequency. Now days it seems like every time I take the trash out or walk the dog past the trash dumpster there is someone going though it for recyclables of every kind. A sign the quicksand our economy is in I suppose.

The other day I saw something that really got my attention. It was a couple, about my age. They were putting the items they found into the back of their truck, a really nice truck. Much nicer than either of the cars my husband and I drive.

Clearly they were making a good living before whatever happened, happened. Right now our only income is an unemployment check. We haven’t actually received the first check yet so our income is only theoretical.

Thankfully, we are still in the category of people putting things in the dumpster and not the group having to take things out to survive. We have lots of options before reaching that point of desperation. But seeing this couple certainly made me stop to think.

As I sit here with only a theoretical income, there is a lot to think about.